We offer ISLAH curriculum  - an integrated Islamic curriculum with tarbiyah@ADAB programleadership@KHALIFAH Program and Tahfiz@HUFFADZ Program. Arabic/English will be used as mediums of instruction.

21st century education in our perspective involves acquiring skills in numeracy, ICT, scientific, financial, cultural and civic literacies and competencies in creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving in addition to nurturing certain character qualities appropriate to face the challenges of the 21st century such as curiosity, initiative, persistence, adaptability, leadership, social and cultural awareness.

The tagline of inspire, enrich, nurture will bring your children to a new 21st Century education with pure Islamic features.



Our unique approaches are :-

  • Al-Amin 2.0 Curriculum

  • Extra curricular :-

  1. Adaab Program

  2. Khalifah Program

  3. Huffaz Program

  • Tauhid accross curriculum

  • Thematic Approach



What DO We Offer?

  • The License of Al-Amin 2.0 Curriculum

  • Islamic 21st Century Education in Malaysia

  • 21st Century School Leadership

  • 21st Century Administration

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