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​​Al-Amin brand has been established in Malaysia in the education field since 1986 and has set its own record by being a pioneer of an integrated curriculum in Malaysia. In 2015, Pusat Pendidikan Al-Amin Berhad extends its growth by introducing Al-Amin 2.0 school curriculum in line with the development of IR4.0. To date, Pusat Pendidikan Al-Amin Berhad has successfully developed a network of 23 education centers including early childhood centers, primary and secondary schools all around Malaysia.




















With the motivation to produce more students with integrated personalities, Pusat Pendidikan Al-Amin Berhad under its subsidiaries Al-Amin Edu Oasis has developed a licensing program. This program also aims to open up opportunities to entrepreneurs, educators, and individuals who are highly interested in developing Al-Amin Education Centre.

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