The existence of a great leader is imperative in ensuring the success of any school. As a consultant, we provide solutions in order to prepare you to become the best of the best. 21st Century Education (PAK-21) is based on Ministry of Education (MOE) of Malaysia blueprint as in Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025. The key determinant of success is learning and teaching as we using the module from Pusat Pendidikan Al-Amin Berhad (PPAAB) as our guideline to achieve MOE dream.


What DO We Offer?


  • The License of Al-Amin 2.0 Curriculum

  • Islamic 21st Century Education in Malaysia

  • 21st Century School Leadership

  • 21st Century Administration


Here are some of 21st Century Education Module:

10 Learning Features of 21st Century Education


  • Focusing on students

  • Use of computer / tab / technology

  • Active learning

  • Conducive learning

  • Self-learning

  • Students understand and abide

  • Mutual respect between student and teacher

  • Students are responsible for their education

  • Assessment based on student performance

  • Collaborative learning


6 Features of 21st Century Teachers


  • Mastered in curriculum content

  • Skilful and skilled in pedagogy

  • Support and understand student development

  • Counselling

  • Using the latest technology

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